The Queen’s Gambit in Business

Fedex, Salesforce, Health-Tech, Credit Algos and Cars24 Till I watched the Queen’s Gambit, I had a passing interest in Chess, rediscovered every few years leading to a few videos on openings and a few matches till the board went back into the shelf  for another couple of years. I certainly like the rest of the worldContinue reading “The Queen’s Gambit in Business”

Google, Delhivery, SMIC, VC and COVID Recovery: The Week’s Most Interesting

A rather sad week, with possible war on the border,news of suicides, and rising cases. Some streaks on sunlight as at least one big company keeps its promise of being debt free as compared to the massive defaults we are used to of the last couple of years. So this week I wanted to do 2 things. The firstContinue reading “Google, Delhivery, SMIC, VC and COVID Recovery: The Week’s Most Interesting”