Always looking for answers and interesting questions.

There’s a lot of noise in the world. The new driver of every industry is content and it is being produced in hordes. Through this medium I hope to declutter your search for knowledge. Let’s talk about growth, lets talk about economics, lets talk about how to make large scale sustainable impact.

Hi, I am Dushyant Panda. I am a growth and marketing professional by day. An economist by evening. A writer and musician on alternating nights.

But throughout the day the questions of sustainable growth in consumer tech businesses in specific, the consumer behaviour riddles and the strategies that drive business growth continue to stay with me.

In these fields I have studied and worked across India, South East Asia and Europe and achieved national and international laurels while doing so. I try to bring in a global perspective into all of my writings or articles that I showcase from other news outlets. Back in the day, I also used to be a national level debater and public speaker, so you can be sure I will have a point of view !



The best pieces from across the world on Business, economics and Strategy. Pieces that are not agenda driven but research driven. Simply pieces which teach me at least one thing new. Also have to be super deep


Everything you need to know about growth. How to think about growth, how to create sustainable growth? What works and what doesn’t? How does the size of your company define your growth strategy?


The new economy has its own rules. Some rules remain and some rules change. What strategies work universally and how does context affect them. How do you evaluate businesses? What do you need to be a good leader


My selection of books on Business and related topics. Books that shaped me as a professional. Books that teach you the basics and books that give you the perspective to challenge the outdated

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