Non Profits, Fintech, Next Billion, Magic Leap and Parque das Tribos: The Week’s Most Interesting

I wanted to find the first example of overcoming adversity for today’s piece. The history of adversity is so old and the need to overcome it so strong that you just can’t trace the first example of it. It is part of that inherent character of human beings. The faster you get over denial, the faster you figure out what to do next and the faster comes a solution. Look at it this way, countries like Brazil which probably are still partly in denial about COVID faced the worst impact. Countries in Africa which probably had much worse medical institutions managed to control the pandemic comparatively better. 

To overcome large scale advertisities strongly you need to look for where the opportunity is and today we look at examples that show the inherent nature of these opportunities. The ability of a non profit in India to give world class medical service, the ability of fintech companies to identify many different opportunities and succeed in so many different ways. The continuous search to get the rest of the world online and the monumental fight of a small village abandoned by country and the world against COVID. In one article we discuss how sometimes, we make our own adversaries in our own head and forget reality. Those problems are even more difficult to solve and much more difficult to overcome.  Today is to arm you to think the next time you face a challenge that seems a little big for you, your organisation, or your country.

1. This is a story of prioritisation, resource allocation and essentially how to make difficult projects work. The best examples are always when non-profits make stuff work and fulfill their objectives because it takes a lot more innovation and efficiency. Also in countries like India where community participation is essential for success this is a wonderful example of something that worked over decades in an area as complex as advanced medical procedures. For me this is also an example of how to scale up slowly and firmly.

Harvard on the efficiency of India’s top nonprofit organisation

2. Chime, Robinhood, Marqeta and Klarna, had founders who suddenly became billionaires in a hurry. For Fintech the pandemic was really the biggest opportunity ever and more and more companies capitalised on the opportunity. Never before has adoption been helped by so many different factors, even among age groups between 40 and 60. This article is here because for those not working in the space, fintech is one big area. What makes it interesting is how so many different companies saw very different opportunities in the space and all of these companies saw great success. Do give the article a thought after you read it, about how so many different ideas came out of fintech from one same pandemic.

All the Fintech Winners of the Pandemic 

3. The world is divided into two parts of internet entrepreneurs. The ones who build for internet and smartphone users. The other half are trying to get the rest of the world online. From google to cheap smartphone makers, everyone wants a pie of tomorrow’s internet users. It’s a big challenge and there are huge returns. Also the application would work well in many developing countries which currently don’t have the infrastructure. There was an interesting story where around 5 years back the team responsible for scaling up the Indian market for facebook used to only have 2G internet so that they could understand the market they were building for. If you want to do something exciting in the next decade, I believe this problem still has not found the perfect solution yet.

Everyone wants the Next Billion Users

4. Sometimes the only adversity and the one which cant be overcome is the distance from reality. In too many areas and ideas, the huge distance of the company and the founder from reality can impact a good idea. Magic Leap raised a total of $ 3.5 billion and I don’t think even everyone in the company knew exactly what they were building. Magic leap positioned itself as superior to Big Tech and the future of computing. The reason this article is here is because too many times we create our own adversity and it is at the same time too easy and too difficult to overcome it. This is certainly an example of what not to do !

Magic Leap: $3 Billion and a lot more hype

5. It is not optimistic to always look at the positive side . Sometimes you need to call a spade or spade. Because it is not always about overcoming adversity and getting valued at a billion dollars. For a huge number of people today, it is still about survival. This is a story from Brazil, about how a community faced and still fights with COVID. parque das Tribos is home to 600 indigenous families from 35 ethnic groups. In a world where no one took responsibility for their health during the pandemic, this is a reminder that probably our struggles are a bit pedantic and elitist. It is also a story of human resilience and the primitive instincts of survival.

The story of Parque Das Tribos and COVID

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