A future Nobel,Democracy, Moore, Ford & Autocrats: The Week’s Most Interesting (03.05.2020)

The World is re-opening because the consumption driven economy is completely stagnant across the world. The next two weeks will remain the most tensely watched in the history of the modern world because for the first time in my opinion, we are taking a bet against evolution. We are putting economic survival first, asking people to go back to their jobs, because despite the optimism the world as we know it cannot survive without a return to work. When do you think was the last time, any generation said, hey,we have to earn some money, let’s put our lives at risk. As New Zealand and South Korea open, we are getting hopeful news for once that the normal life we yearn for is around the corner.
In this week’s edition, I bring to you a range of articles, purposefully focusing less on Coronavirus and going back to some other macro issues as we get ready to get back to work. 

1. Profiles which are well written are my favourite reading material. The beauty about them is that they describe why the person is who he is rather than just sticking to achievement. We cover an almost guaranteed Nobel Prize winner of the future along with his audacious goals. An economist gets into execution


2. Democracy under challenge would be one of the biggest themes of global journalism from 2018. Victories of some extreme right and left shift from centre parties in local election in Poland, Spain and Germany over the last two years have accelerated the worry. This article, doesn’t delve into the right and wrong, but rather focuses on the business case for democracy.


3. If you’ve seen the exponential growth of tech slow down in the last couple of years, this is the reason. Weren’t smart glasses, foldable phones and  AR/VR supposed to be ubiquitous by now?For some readers not familiar with Moore’s Law, this is a must read. 


4. Did you know that Ford’s CEO came from a furniture company? I have closely watched the change in Ford’s strategy over the last 3 years as this UX guy/Design thinker took over. Read this for the big picture. Whichever industry you work for, the future, is not man or machine, it is the interaction of man and machine that has to be perfected.


5. Couldn’t avoid one on Corona. Sadly there are vulture capitalists, autocrats and black market dealers who are as prevalent in the world today as the beautiful stories we read about humanity in these times. I share this article also because for the uninitiated, this presents the best summary of some autocrats around the world.


Have fun reading ! And let me know your thoughts on this week’s articles.

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