Gates, Cars, Digital, Culture and Coffee: The Week’s Most Interesting (25/04/2020)

It’s been a week of uncertainty. Across the world, we seem unsure on how to spend the next few weeks fighting COVID. Most of the money, sanctioned for unemployment in America has already been used up, Kurzabeit (similar to furlough but more direct) is showing limited impact on German businesses. The global economy has hit rock bottom.

This week I choose articles of optimism from Bill Gates, the challenge facing one of the world’s largest global industries, one article on digital strategy, which has become more important in today’s times . I end with two articles on strategy and innovation, one of adaptability and the other of innovation. Have fun reading !

1. The most forward thinking article on Covid, written by Bill Gates.

2. The challenge that car makers will face as the year of recovery becomes the year of downfall

3.How large companies can embrace digital ?

4.Consumer companies playing in different cultures–gamble-china-model-work-in-the-e-commerce-era/#50a5201045dd

5. Half a trillion cups on coffee are consumed worldwide, every year. Read about the silent tech behind it

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